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Hello! My name is Abra. I grew up on a farm in northeast Kansas and participated in a large variety of activities throughout my school years, but my love and constancy was always drawing. Therefore, it was not a surprise to anyone who knows me, that I chose to pursue a career in art.

Thankfully my craft has matured with instruction and time, but the satisfaction and delight I find through the creative process—which I enjoy even more than the finished product—has never changed. Inspired by Norman Rockwell’s procedure, of setting up his compositions in real life and then working from a photograph, taking pictures has become a major part of my design activity as well.

I love working with traditional media, where there is no “undo” button and I get my hands dirty. Pastel is my favorite! It gives me the ability to cover an area quickly, yet allows the application of layers of detail and color. And because it is pure pigment, it is the most permanent of all media when handled properly. 

Along with the production of commissioned fine art, I enjoy illustrating children’s books. For years, parents and teachers have relied upon children’s books to educate, entertain, and inspire. The illustrations within these books have tremendous power to help accomplish these goals. I can still remember being captivated by the pictures which brought stories to life for me as a kid. 

In a world filled with many things that are designed for convenience and disposability, it is gratifying to create something which is as “timeless” as art. I feel blessed to have the opportunity to share my work with you! I share with the hope that my art can impact your life in some small way—whether that is through education, inspiration, or simply give you the enjoyment it does me.



University of Kansas | Lawrence, KS | 2016 - 2020

     BFA in Design, Illustration & Animation

     Concentration in Special Education

Study Abroad | Drawing in Italy | Summer 2019

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