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“Beginning in the sixteenth century, British Catholics were forbidden by law to practice their faith. Even though this song seems to make little sense now, there was a time in England when “The Twelve Days of Christmas” was once one of the most important teaching tools of the church.”  -- STORIES BEHIND THE BEST-LOVED SONGS OF CHRISTMAS by ACE COLLINS


Throughout the composition you will find symbols of the song and the Christian origin behind them. For example, the third day of Christmas is represented by the three French hens wearing crowns. Long ago, French hens were a very expensive food item reserved only for the richest homes, or considered “a feast for a King.” Therefore, they represent the three gifts (gold, frankincense, and myrrh) which the wise men brought to young Jesus.

12 Days of Christmas

  • Image size 12 x 18" on 13 x 19" paper.

    History and description sheet provided.

    Giclee paper print.

    Print arrives flat and unframed.

  • Ready to ship.

    Arrives flat and unframed.

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